Who is my County Commissioner, and what is a Commissioner District?

Stillwater County is split into three geographic commissioner districts, based on population and area. Each Commissioner is elected to a six-year term.  A person may not be elected as a member of a board of county commissioners unless the person has resided in the county and the district for at least 2 years immediately preceding the general election, MCA 7-4-2104(2). The Commissioners are partisan elected officials, and candidates are nominated in a primary election.  All voters in the County vote in the primary and general elections to select the Commissioner who will ultimately serve.

View the District Map (PDF).

Steve Riveland is the Commissioner for District 1. Jeff Ruffatto is the District 2 Commissioner. Tyrel Hamilton is the District 3 Commissioner and currently the Presiding Officer of the Board also known as the Chair.

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1. Who is my County Commissioner, and what is a Commissioner District?
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