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Stillwater County’s Planning Office exists to serve the citizens and local governments of Stillwater County by providing planning services for land use, community growth, and change.  Such services include administering the Stillwater County and Town of Columbus Subdivision Regulations, advising the Board of County Commissioners on planning-related issues, advising the Columbus Town Council on planning and zoning issues, and helping the City-County Airport Board with growth and related concerns.

The Planning Office implements the policies of the adopted Growth Management Plans for Columbus and the County, assists local communities in their efforts to plan for themselves, reviews proposed development pursuant to State law, and considers all means by which Stillwater County can have a viable economy without sacrificing the environment that residents and visitors prize most and which is the County’s most valuable asset.

Economic and community development services are available through the Stillwater County Economic Development Department.

The County Planning Office currently serves 4 Boards which consist of the City-County Planning Board,  County Planning Board, Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustments.

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