About the Department


Fees for Credit Card usage are a percent of the transaction, Debit card fees are 3 per transaction, and E-check fees will be two dollars per transaction and are accepted online only.

Property Tax information is now available here on our website. You can pay your taxes from the MTCounty website. All major credit and debit cards along with e-checks (online only) are accepted.

The office of the Treasurer receives and disburses all monies, as dictated by state law, and records these transactions. The Treasurer, an elected official, reports to the Montana State Department of Revenue on administrative matters while the County Commissioners have budgetary authority.

The office is divided into two groups. One deals with motor vehicle matters, including registrations, title transfers, applications, and the issuance of temporary stickers and permits. The other serves as the general office for activities including receipts from taxes, fees, and intergovernmental transfers. It also processes disbursements, invests funds, maintains bank accounts, seizes tax-delinquent property, handles tax protests, and issues moving permits for mobile homes.

Motor Vehicle Division Information

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The Motor Vehicle Division Customer Care’s phone number for scheduling driver’s license appointments is 406-444-1772 and features a call-back option. Rather than waiting on hold, customers can now leave their phone number to be called back in the order their call was received. No long-distance charges are incurred by the customer if they are calling from a “406” area code.